The Grand Cru Frankstein

Côteaux du Grand Cru Frankstein - © CIVA/Zwardon

In 1976, when the appellation “Grand Cru Frankstein” commenced, it was awarded to the best terroir of the region.

It is limited to 56 hectares of land between 220 and 310 meters in altitude, facing southeast for maximum morning sunshine. The soil is granite in origin, ensuring the vines retain warmth and have good drainage.

Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer and ideally suited to Frankstein growing conditions. These wines are at their best after a few years cellaring.

Riesling is delicate, mineral and offers intense yet fine floral aromas.

Pinot Gris is remarkable with its toasted bread, forest floor and smoky notes.

Gewurztraminer is an elegant, racy, spicy wine with characteristic fruitiness.



Le Grand Cru Frankstein de Dambach-la-Ville

Côteaux du Grand Cru Frankstein - © CIVA/Zwardon