The medieval city of Dambach-la-ville

Tour de Dambach-la-Ville

Our Domaine is located in Dambach-la-Ville (center Alsace) on the famous “Alsacian Wine Road”, which runs through the medieval city of Dambach-la-ville.

Our city is authentically Alsacian with winding alleys that are planted with geraniums, its typical colombage houses and its three huge gates dating from the 14th

From this century, the unique quality of our wines and the name “Frankstein” has been recognized.

Fontaine de l'Ours - Place du Marché

Vue du ciel en direction du Sud

Dambach-la-Ville - © CIVA/Zwardon

The legend of Dambach-la-ville

The legend pretends that a grape-eating bear prompted the villagers to grow vines. Since then, the bear became the emblem of the village. Actually, it appears that the Romans, when they civilized central Europe, brought vines to our land.
Dambach-la-Ville - © CIVA/Zwardon

Ever since the 14th century, Dambach vineyard has been celebrated for its full-flavored quality wines, particularly those grown on Franstein hills.