Our History

Papi Ruhlmann

Located on the hillsides of Dambach-la-ville in the Alsace region of northeastern France, the Mersiol family heritage dates back to the 18th century.

The first bottle hase been sold in 1946.

In 1960, the Estate was expended with the marriage of Guy Mersiol to Anne-Lise Ruhlmann whose

family owned an adjoining Estate. These wines are now sold as “Domaine Mersiol”.



The Estate nowaday

Maison familiale

12 hectares are now planted; 3.5 of which are classified as Grand Cru Frankstein. All wines are Estate grown, vinified and bottled.

Joined by their son Stéphane in 2000, the Estate is now cultivated on an organic way (started in 2006) to extract the delicate minerality from our terroir made out of granite.

Caveau Mersiol

Christophe, the other son, joined the domaine in 2006 in order to develop the natioanal and international sales. Now 35% of our production is sold overseas (Japan, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, USA, Sweden...)

Our parents can now have a rest to look after their 3 grandchildren (Léna, Hylésia and Lucile)


La Famille...

Une petite présentation en vidéo...

en passant par les vignes... et le village.